Monday, September 03, 2012

Avocado Fries. Yes.

In my constant search for new things to do with avocados I found this recipe for avocado fries.  Avocado – good.  Fries – good.  Together – sounds heavenly!  I rarely, actually never, deep fry anything, but these sounded too good not to try.   And besides, all of the wonderful nutritious health benefits of avocados must outweigh the fat and calories of deep frying, right?  RIGHT?  ;)

The avocados I used were perfect; soft enough to easily cut open and scoop out wedges but firm enough that they didn’t fall apart.  I’m getting good at this avocado selection thing.  Lucky for me I posted the recipe on Facebook saying I was going to make these fries and a friend commented that she had just made them but had added parmesan cheese to the bread crumbs.  Not one to turn my nose up at adding cheese to anything, I followed her advice and added the parm.  GREAT addition to the coating – thanks Alison! 

I just couldn’t bring myself to put three to four inches of oil in a pan (fear of grease fire, fear of arteries closing up, fear of using a whole bottle of canola oil!), so I poured maybe half an inch in the pan and heated it up.  The fries cooked up nicely and once they were golden on one side I flipped them over.  Letting them drain on paper towels on a plate is essential to avoid said arterial closures (and soggy fries).  

A cilantro lemon dipping sauce recipe was also included with the avocado fries, but we don’t regularly stock mayo in our fridge, so I had to improvise with something else.  I thought a spicy dip would be a nice accompaniment so I simply mixed sour cream with Sriracha sauce (you know, rooster sauce).  Perfect.  The slightly tangy and hot sauce complimented the creamy avocado and crispy coating.  

Although they were delicious, I am not sure I’ll make these again because of the frying in oil element.  However, I have also found a recipe for baked avocado fries so I think I’ll try those next.  I’ll be sure to let you know how they turned out. 

Do you have any avocado recipes you can share with me? 

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