Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! Wow, it's 2007! That means that Brayden will turn 11 this year, and me, well I started counting backwards after 30, so that will make me 27 in April! haha!

Jason and I went away to a 'cottage' on Rice Lake for the weekend leading up to New Year's Eve with two other couples. It was an absolutely beautiful spot and there was nothing 'cottagey' about this place - we were in no way roughing it, that's for sure. The pine cottage sat on a huge lake front lot with a wrap around porch, two fireplaces, a pool table, four bedrooms and three full bathrooms. It was gorgeous. We spent our time eating and drinking and eating and drinking and eating and drinking some more. It was a relaxing time and great to be away. We watched movies, read, played pool, went for a walk, and just hung out together. It was really great. Thanks to Jason and Sandy and Anne and Gary for inviting us!

Here are some photos of our weekend getaway...


Christmas Has Come and Gone...

I can't believe it - the holidays have come and gone already. I have to admit I was a bit stressed out before Christmas thinking of everything that needed to be done, bought, people to visit, etc. However, after all is said and done, it was a great holiday and we are so lucky to have so much family to visit with. It was a very busy time making sure we fit everyone in, but we did and I am so happy that it all worked out! We had Christmas with my dad at our house a couple of days before the 25th, my mom was here from North Bay to stay with us for a few days (I love being able to have overnight guests now!); we had a great Christmas Eve dinner at Bev and Luigi's; Christmas dinner was with Jason's mom Linda, Alois and his three sons, and Jason's brother Pete and girlfriend Carolyne; and finally we had a lovely meal with Jason's dad Bob, Lanto, and his sisters Carol and Jenny on Boxing Day. Brayden celebrated with his new brother and his dad's family before Christmas so it was really great to have him with us all day on Christmas. Brayden finally admitted to me that he 'knew the secret' and this was the first year ever that he didn't put cookies out for Santa. Each year my mom brings him some 'reindeer food' to sprinkle on the lawn. Brayden obliged Grandma and put on his boots, but on his way outside he told her 'This isn't happening next year Grandma...' It was too funny! I suppose 10 years of him believing was a good run! I had to work between the holidays since I don't have any vacation time built up yet at my new job. Speaking of which...I LOVE my job at the hospital! I won't go on and on about it like I have been doing lately (sorry everyone...) but I am so very happy there and really made a wise decision!

Here are some photos from Christmas.

Our tree!

Christmas with Dad

Brayden's favourite gift - an iPod Nano!

Mom Christmas morning

Kitties under the Christmas tree!

Christmas with Linda, Alois, Phil, Fred, James, Pete, Carolyne, Jason, Mom, Brayden and Me!