Friday, June 09, 2006

A Tail of Two Kitties *Meow!*

Harmony and Gary got off to a rough start when they were moved in together. Gary is sort of a happy go lucky silly cat and Harmony is much more 'mature' and reserved. Gary taunts her a lot and wants to play.... but Harmony wants no part of it. I love both our kitties though and can't resist posting some photos of them!

Harmony showing Gary who's boss!

They are so cute when they are sleeping!

Gary asleep in my (dirty) laundry basket in my closet

B and Me in the Bahamas!

Aaaahh... The Bahamas! Brayden and I went to Nassau on April 28th for four glorious days! It was Brayden's very first vacation and first time on a plane. He was quite nervous before the take-off but before we knew it we were eating little sandwiches in a box, watching a movie, and then landing - piece of cake! We stayed at the Nassau Beach Hotel where Bev and Luigi have been a few times. Very nice hotel, with use of the Wyndham Resort and Casino next door. Brayden and I were the first at the pool most days. We were actually up, showered and walking around on the first day before anything was even open! We spent most of our days by the pool that had a really cool waterslide. When the two of us went down together and laid down - OMG, it was SO fast! It was great! We took a 'jitney' into downtown Nassau on Tuesday and visited the Pirate Museum. The pirate at the door talked a lot about Johnny Depp... which of course, Brayden found funny! We shopped in the straw market, had lunch at Senor Frogs and then took a jitney back to the hotel. It was a really relaxing time and Brayden really enjoyed himself. He seemed so relaxed and commented more than once that he had 'never seen anywhere so beautiful before'. It was a really special time for my boy and I to spend together. We will definitely do it again!

I'm Really Going to Blog Now...

OK, enough nonsense... I am actually going to blog. I finally have some newsworthy things going on, so time to get down to business and BLOG! :)

Why is it 'A Penne for Your Thoughts'? My brother-in-law, Luigi, nicknames everyone and many years ago he started calling me Penne. I suppose for an Italian guy the name is natural - Jennifer - Jenny - Penne. Anyway, the name has really stuck and so many of my friends and family call me Penne now, I'm used to it and kind of like it. :)