Monday, June 16, 2008

Kindred Spirits

Once upon a time there were two little girls whose literary loving Grandmother gave them their very own set of books by Lucy Maud Montgomery.
The two little girls became avid readers and eagerly and excitedly immersed themselves in life at Green Gables and the young orphan named Anne. Like a third sister, Anne became very real to them and their imaginative play.
Fast forward 28 years – the sisters plan their own adventure to Avonlea! Could it be that they would actually get to take in Green Gables, walk in the Haunted Wood, sip raspberry cordial and visit the Avonlea school for themselves? Would they get to meet Anne and Gilbert and bring all of their fantasies to life? Well, sort of……

“Bosom Buddies” that they are (not unlike Anne and Diana) the sisters stayed at a cottage by the sea and attempted to re-create the world of their childhood. Unfortunately Ms. Montgomery had never mentioned that the weather in PEI in June can be very cold and require a rain coat. And surely Anne didn’t have to pay a fee to the government to access Cavendish beach!

Much to the sisters dismay Anne was not at Avonlea when they arrived promptly at 10:00 am as the web site had instructed. Apparently she was still studying or rehearsing and wouldn’t be available to receive visitors for another week. Sadly, the sisters walked around the deserted town of Avonlea peeking in the windows of the schoolhouse, church and theatre. Would they ever get to see Anne???

Suddenly it came to them! They would don their own Anne hats and bring the village to life themselves! The sisters were always up for the challenge of creating their own fun – as long as they were together they were sure to enjoy themselves.

The sisters left the Island happy and with the sense that their Grandmother’s own kindred spirit was alive and laughing along with them.