About Jennifer (aka Penne)

Hello! Thank you for stopping by!  I'm a married mom of two sons born 15 years apart (yes, you read that right!) living in Hamilton, ON with an interesting perspective on parenting a teen and a toddler simultaneously. I'm a self-proclaimed foodie who loves to cook and I'm a firm believer in the importance of meal planning. Avid reader, book hoarder, cupcake voyeur and lip gloss aficionado are all good descriptors of me. As huge fans and advocates of the city of Hamilton, my family and I enjoy exploring the city and taking in all it has to offer. 

I'm also a virtual administrative assistant with vast experience in meeting and event planning, calendar management, travel arrangements, social media management and communications. Need some help with your small business? Drop me a line!

Why "Penne", you may ask? I have an Italian brother-in-law who nicknames everyone, so Jennifer - Jenny - Penne probably made a lot of sense to him!  He gave me the nickname years ago and it just stuck.

I would love to guest post on your blog or website about cooking and trying new recipes, book reviews or product reviews (baby and toddler, food, health and beauty or anything really!).  E-mail me at jennifer.morse74@gmail.com if you are interested! 

You can follow me on Twitter @pennesthoughts.  Thanks for stopping by! 
All posts are original and all opinions are my own. 
Jennifer Alger Morse
(905) 906-7999

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