Wednesday, April 04, 2012

A Hop Down Easter Memory Lane!

I love Easter!  I have so many great memories of this holiday and I look forward to it every year.  Here are some reasons why.

Easter brings with it pretty pastel colours, spring blossoms, the promise of warmer days and of course, chocolate!  My mom always did a great job of making holidays special.  I loved the morning Easter Egg hunt and a basket of treats that almost always included new spring toys like a skipping rope and some bubbles.  Oh, the simplicity of childhood!  

I was also very fortunate to go to a wonderful public school in our small town that always had events like an Easter Bonnet Parade, Mother’s Day Teas and huge Christmas pageants.  I have wonderful memories of my mom coming to these events with me and I’m so grateful that she was able to be at home during those years.  Here we are on parade with the Easter bonnets I made for us in kindergarten

As I mentioned in this post about my Grandmother, she would make a special Easter cake that was frosted with pretty pale green icing and decorated with marshmallow bunnies that she cut by hand and painted faces on with a toothpick and food colouring.  She was so talented and loved holidays so much.  I don’t have a photo of her cake (I’m sure someone in the family must), but this is an idea of what the bunnies looked like:

I am going to attempt to make my own Easter cake this year to bring to our Easter dinner.  It will be a carrot bundt cake with lemon cream cheese icing and will be filled with candy like an Easter basket!  Well, that is my hope anyway!  I will post an update and photos of the cake after it is complete.  If I’m successful I may just make this a new Easter tradition.  Wish me luck!  Update:  My Easter cake was fabulous and I will make it again!  Click here to see an album of photos of the cake!

For the past several years, Easter has been spent at my wonderful in-law’s house and I always look forward to our family gathering.  My mother-in-law, Linda, has a wonderful Easter tradition.  Following our always delicious meal, she brings out blown out eggs, a supply of markers and pens and the basket of eggs that has been collected over the years.  It is like a trip down memory lane looking through the basket as there are eggs made by my hubs and his brother when they were children and some made by friends and family members that have come and gone over the years.  It is a great tradition and I look forward to the day when Baby O can add his egg to the basket!

O with Nana's basket of Easter eggs
 Baby O is too young this year to hunt for eggs or really understand the holiday, but I can hardly wait for the day that he does!  I loved hiding eggs for B and miss those days of his wonder and excitement that the Easter bunny had visited. 

Happy Easter to all!

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  1. We are having Jesper's friend and her parents from The Netherlands over for Easter this year. I am organizing an egg hunt for the kids; should be fun in our big yard. I just hope I can keep them inside long enough for them to get dressed and have breakfast. (Last year Jesper ran out in his pj's!) When they're done, a chocolate bunny will be waiting for them.

    Happy Easter to you too!