Friday, March 02, 2012

I Never Leave the House Without my “Face On”!

Call me vain, superficial, crazy, or whatever you like, but I never leave the house without makeup on.  I’ve been wearing makeup since I was 13 years old (unfortunately) and now it’s just how I feel most like me.  

How do I find the time with a young baby, you may ask?  I make the time, plain and simple.  I am pretty good at putting makeup on fast and it really does only take me five minutes or less to “do my face”.  Sometimes Baby O watches me while sitting in his bouncy chair in the bathroom, or I wait until he’s napping and then I do it.  I should also mention that 99% of the time Jason takes over baby duty for an hour or so in the mornings so I can have a shower and dry my hair before he leaves for work - bless his heart.

Why is makeup so important to me?  I feel like the best version of myself when I’m wearing it.  I feel alive and confident and good about how I look.  Since I am less than thrilled about how I look from the neck down (but that's a whole other blog post...), looking and feeling good from the neck up is super important to me.  

Maybe I look ridiculous in Mom and Baby Yoga class or at Parent and Tot Swimming lessons with my full “face on” but I feel good and that’s what’s most important.

What do you do to feel great about yourself?  I’d love to hear it!

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  1. You just care about how you look and you're definitely not the only one in the world! No shame in that!That said, I recently heard about a woman who was just like that (I think it was on British tv) and after someone asked her about her habit, she one day went out without any makeup on. I wonder how she felt about it (or herself).

    I myself have to admit, there are days that I don't have my face on (only when I don't need to go anywhere), but I usually at least do my brows, lashes, and cheeks. I just look a lot healthier that way!