Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Pinterest - My Newest Obsession!

Somebody help me, I can’t stop pinning! Pinning, you say?  What the…?

Pinterest is an online bulletin board of sorts.  It’s a way to create visual bookmarks of your favourite things, places you want to visit, recipes you’d like to try, and ideas you’d like to remember.  It’s a great way to organize craft ideas, home renovation concepts, birthday party ideas and many other things. 

What I like about it (other than the fact that I can pin with one hand while the baby nurses or sleeps in the other – haha!) is that you can see what other pinners have been up to and get fabulous ideas from people you don’t even know. This is how it works:  you see something that someone else pinned on the Pinterest home page and you can choose to “re-pin” it to one of your bulletin boards and so on and so on. It is like a chain reaction that can consume hours!   You can also choose to pin something from any website you visit with a quick click.  Later, by clicking on one of your pins you will be lead to its orginating site (i.e.,  the website where a recipe resides).

Pinterest has made me want to become more crafty, bake and cook more, renovate my house, and become a super mom who makes amazing and cute snacks for my kids and gives them the best birthday parties ever!  Maybe some of these things are pipe dreams, but I do find it inspirational and motivational, and there’s nothing wrong with that!

If you haven’t started pinning yet, I warn you, once you start, it’s hard to stop!  If you need an invitation to join, just let me know!

Happy Pinning!

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