Saturday, October 27, 2012

30 Days into my 90-Day Weight-Loss Challenge and a Challenge it is…

I’ve been taking Green Coffee Bean Extract for a full thirty days now so I thought it was time for an update.  I was excited to receive the product and get started because I want (and need) to lose a significant amount of weight. 

As mentioned in my first post about this challenge there was one notable clinical study completed with green coffee bean extract in which the study subjects did not change their eating or exercise habits at all while taking the supplement and lost weight.  That sounded simple to me so I decided to do the same thing – not change anything else, just carry on as usual while taking green coffee bean extract. 
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The first week the scale moved to the tune of a loss of five pounds!  I was in disbelief and very excited.  I carried on as I was, anticipating more weight loss and hopefully at the same rate.  Unfortunately, however, the scale started to creep up during week two ending up right back where I started.  
Over the next two weeks or so my weight fluctuated by a pound more or less but it is hovering around pretty much exactly the number I started at.  How disappointing. 

I will continue to take Green Coffee Bean Extract but my intelligent, rational self knows that the only way to really lose weight and keep it off is to change my eating habits and exercise.  Wish me luck as I tackle this challenge head on.   Do you have any weight loss tips to share with me?

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