Sunday, January 22, 2012

I'd Still Pin You Up On My Wall, Rob Lowe

If you are a contemporary of mine, you probably remember saving your allowance or babysitting money to buy the latest issue of Tiger Beat or BOP with dreamy guys on the cover like Rob Lowe. That chiselled chin, those sparkling eyes and that dazzling smile made Rob a favourite on my bedroom walls and those of my sister.

If you sought out Rob Lowe covers and pin-ups, or any of the so-called Brat Pack, then you must read his autobiography, Stories I Only Tell My Friends.

The book will surprise and enchant you with stories like the gruelling process of filming The Outsiders (and how most of Rob's character, Sodapop Curtis's scenes were cut), and how Rob and the Penn brothers (Sean and Chris) and the brothers Sheen (Emilio and Charlie) made home movies in their neighbourhood together before any of them were famous. As an aside, back then the only thing Charlie aspired to “winning” at was Major League Baseball, not acting. You’ll read about Rob’s once-in-a-lifetime chance to visit the studio where special effects were being created for a little film called “Star Wars” with his step aunt and uncle, and then his transition to writing, directing and his forays into comedy (at which he excels, I might add!). The book is extremely well-written and poignant and well worth the read.

After reading it, I’m feeling nostalgic and find myself wanting to watch movies like The Outsiders, St. Elmo's Fire and About Last Night. Perhaps I’ll hit a video store this week and see what I can find.

I’d still pin your face up on my bedroom wall, Rob... but my husband probably wouldn’t like that!

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